Tarot & Oracle Readings: $20

Rick offers combined tarot and oracle readings that call on the wisdom of Celtic lore, planetary energies, animals and plants. Each reading is with 13 cards and there is no time limit.

Magical Reiki: $30 Half hour, $50 Full hour

Rick is a certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki practitioners direct “universal energy” through the palms of their hands in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Rick includes the use of crystals, essential oils and guided meditation. All Magical Reiki sessions are performed within the boundary of the magic circle.

Three Cauldrons Healing: $30 Half hour, $50 Full hour

A medieval Irish manuscript tells us that the body contains three cauldrons: in the head, in the heart and in the belly. Some people refer to these as the “Celtic Chakras”. These cauldrons affect our spiritual health, psychic health and physical health. Rick Silfies Potter has developed an energy healing technique that combines visualization, meditation and the use of a pendulum to help restore the three cauldrons into balance.

Witch Bottles: $20

Witch bottles are an old form of magic that dates back centuries. They are described in historical sources in England and the United States. Modern witches now make them for casting spells of various kinds. The first mention of a witch bottle appears in the 17th century. Rick creates witch bottles for healing, prosperity or protection. Each bottle is one-of-a-kind and contains special ingredients according to it’s purpose, along with a hand-written spell enclosed. The bottles are not to be opened.

Hand-Blended Herbal Incense: $10 per jar

Rick creates incense for various magical purposes, including meditation, ritual and protection. He also crafts special incenses to honor ancestors and various Celtic deities such as Cerridwen, Cernunnos, Brighid and the Morrigan.

Ritual Bath Soaps: 4 for $10

The purpose of ritual bath soap is to cleanse the body before magical workings. All soaps are made with a shea butter base, in a Celtic knot design, with herbs and essential oils (lavender and calendula) added.

Ritual Oil Blends: $10 bottle

Rick’s essential oil blends are created in a jojoba oil base and using only 100% essential oils. These special blends are made to honor various Celtic deities, the elements, for dressing ritual candles and consecrating magical tools.

  • Ancestor Oil
  • Awen Blessing Oil
  • Brighid Oil
  • Cernunnos Oil
  • Cerridwen Oil
  • Land/Sea/Sky Blend

Beeswax Votive Spell Candles: $5 for $10

Rick hand-pours all of his spell candles using 100% beeswax, with herbs and essential oils added. Candles are created for healing, protection, meditation and to honor various Celtic deities. There are currently a limited number of Samhain and Love Spell votives available.

Samhain Pillar Candles: $20

These paraffin candles are created in an old-world style and are heavily scented, with herbs and essential oils added. Samhain candles are solid black, scented with a Patchouli/Sandalwood blend and sprinkled with Wormwood on the top.

Winter Solstice Pillar Candles: $20

These paraffin candles are created in an old-world style, and are heavily scented with herbs (mistletoe and pine) and essential oils added. Winter Solstice candles are solid white, with a magical wintry scent. Each comes with a snowflake charm attached.

Handfasting Candles: $25

These paraffin candles are created in old-world style, and are heavily scented with herbs and essential oils added. Handfasting candles are green draped in white and scented with clover and peppermint. Dried lavender flowers and rose petals are sprinkled on the top. Each comes with a Claddagh charm attached.

Blackthorn Druid Order

Rick is the founder of the Blackthorn Druid Order, a training order that blends Celtic Paganism, Druidry and Witchcraft. This is a formal training that consists of thirteen monthly lessons. For more information about lesson topics and fees, visit